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Electronic Components

Buy best quality electronic components online at Brooks and Maldini, USA’s top leading electronic component distributor that specializes in international sourcing for obsolete, allocated, small and large volume hard-to-find electronic components.
Our aim is to keep you satisfied with our supply of all new electronic parts that include LEDs, optoelectronic components, capacitors, resistors and much more. We stock all leading brands of the market that include Kingbright, Atmel, ST, Vigortronix, Vishay, Arcol, Fairchild, National Semiconductor and Zetex to aid your projects.
All the in-stock electronic components are dispatched the same day you lodge a request. For non-stock items, we give very short leads and our trained sales teams, located worldwide strives to located and supply any active, passive and electromechanical component that you need. Even if you are searching for some obsolete and discontinued electronic component, we try our level best to ensure that you get the requested item!...