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At Brooks & Maldini aviation is not only an industry; it is a part of whom we are. With several generations of pilots in the family it is our calling to provide the best service on the ground to ensure that the airplanes are always airborne ready and safe.

We provide a well-rounded comprehensive service to both domestic and international airlines, as well as aerospace and military air forces around the globe. We purchase, repair and sell aircraft and avionics equipment and parts.

Our corporate philosophy of high moral integrity combined with the technical understanding and knowing where to source the right products and spares at the most comprehensive prices has ensured our company’s standing as one of the leading aviation procurement companies.

Brooks & Maldini not only offers its clients a faster turnaround and improved quality, but we also help companies generate significant revenue from their surplus stock by utilizing our extensive infrastructure as well as our in-house systems to liquidate stock in a timely manner.

We look forward to serving your company in a professional and reliable manner.